Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How did I do that ??

I cannot tell you how many times a mom or dad comes into the studio and exclaims " I dont know HOW you're going to get HIM/HER to sit for a picture ! " ...... OR ...... " If you do this it will be a MIRACLE ! " I just laugh and say ..... dont worry , we have tricks ;)

You see ..... I can say with confidence now , that I can always get at least ONE perfect shot ;) and with tricks,noises,patience,perserverance and luck ....we usually get alot more than one ;) Sure , some dogs ( or cats ) or easier , or harder than others but its the tricks,alot of patience and some help from my wonderful assistants that make it all possible .

So how do I do it ? One of the ways is by using lots of noises to get the pets attention . I bark like a variety of dogs and do a very good version of a meow . People think I am quite nuts , but as long as we get the shot .....who cares right ?

I'm also glad that I have watched more than my share of Dog whisperer episodes. I use Cesar Milans techniques in the studio at times . The "Chhhh" works pretty well ;)

I am "dog tired" at the end of a photoshoot ...... but the puppy kisses and squeals from my parents as they see their baby's pictures on the screen make me thank God that the events in

my life led me to my business. I truly LOVE my job !

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