Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Getting old is Ruff !

Our Calli is getting up there in age. In just a couple of months she makes 14 ! She was our very first dog ;) She has grown up with all 3 of our boys , starting off by sleeping in our 26 yr olds bed when she was a pup right now to present where she sleeps with our youngest son Peyton . She is doing pretty well for her age and some days she runs like a pup ! She doesnt look like she is 98 yrs old in human years ! But she is starting to do some things that tell me she really is getting up there . Her eyesight is not as good as it should be ,she is getting hard of hearing and sometimes she gets lost in the backyard ! She was never a dog to wander off ....she really has been a excellent dog ! But lately when she is left out a few minutes too long ,I find her wandering in the backyard settling by the very back gate ....somewhere she never used to go and she just sits there until I go look for her and then she jumps up as if to say ... Oh there you are ! LOL

She is also getting a little cranky and I dont trust her as much around others ...... I guess when you are her age its your right to want to just lie on your pillow in peace ;) She is a little crickety when she gets up when shes been sleeping too long . She has also become a very deeeeeeeep sleeper and now snores ! She has also reverted back to her puppy days and will steal any and all food .....even if its on your plate as your back is turned !

That said ........ she is still getting great checkups at the vet and seems to be doing O.K ;)

I wrote this to say ......Getting old is Ruff , but looking back on years of memories of a valued furry family member brings much joy and comfort ! Take lots of photos of your furbaby and enjoy every minute with them years fly by too fast and they are taken from us too soon . I know Calli will be with us for awhile yet to come and we will enjoy her golden years as long as we are blessed with them !

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