Thursday, April 23, 2009

Blog Candy

Its time for some Blog Candy ! Sign up to follow my Blog *and* email me , telling me you signed up and you will be entered in a drawing for a Free photo key chain which will be drawn on May 30 ! You may also scroll to the bottom of the blog to subscribe to recieve email updates when something new is posted !

I will be sharing photo's , stories , coupons and giving away Blog Candy visit often !


  1. Your photos are wonderful! Wish you were in my area. Check out my blog for pics of my guys. I recently lost my Cavalier, Guinness. Down to one dog, Josandre Jic Jac (Jack) who is a Papillon & our Maine Coon Cat, Bean.

    Your blog is very nice & professional looking. Michelle does great work. She'll be working her magic on my blog soon.

    -Roberta, the Quilted Cavalier

  2. Thanks ! Michelle did my siggy;) My friend Raven did my layout,isnt it AWSOME !