Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New for Lil Pals New Orleans !!

At conference this year we were introduced to the magic of Blue Screen ( you may know it as Green screen ....same thing except you use a Blue screen rather than green ) Since that time I have been working on "getting it right" and finding just the right backgrounds/scenes ! I have many things in mind for future scenes .... and will be incorporating a couple of "New Orleans" themes as soon as I am able to ! When you come in for a session , we ask you to choose any 3-4 backgrounds that you would like . One of these can now be a special Blue Screen Scene ! For now , here are the new scenes we are able to offer !

This is one of my favorites ! Down on the Farm ...

Sportsmans Paradise

Winter Wonderland

Urban Dog


Country Park

Down at the Cabin

Born to Ride

The Waterfall

The Old Masters

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Pardon the Silence ;)

Man,is it Quiet here !! Thats because the audio player I had on this site has been bought out by another company :( I now have to find another one but have been so busy I just havent gotten around to it . So please pardon the silence , New Music will be coming soon ;)

Puppies ! Puppies ! Puppies !

A few days ago we did a litter of SEVEN Golden Retriever Puppies ! What FUN it was !!! and they were pretty well behaved too ! I cannot tell you how ADORABLE these little fluffballs were !!

The whole litter !

The Girls

and the Boys !

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Save the Date !

I love doing something "New" ! and this weekend I had a newly engaged client and we took this adorable photo of her pups ! We did a custom card order for her Save the Date cards ... Her guests will not forget this special card or their upcoming wedding for sure !

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Friday, March 5, 2010

Our latest doggie nuptials ... the Bride and Groom and a Bridesmaid !

St Pattys day is right around the corner !

Layla's 1/2 sister Dahlyla ( Chantalls baby ! ) came to visit her the other day for a playdate and a photo session ;)

and one of our new scenes ! CUTE !!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

First shoot of the new year !

Last week we were at a lovely new place here on the westbank called Fleur De Paws . The groomer there specialized in Bichons and we sure got our share of them ! Here are a few pics from last weekend .