Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cuteness Overload !!

This week I had my share of Awwwwwwwww moments in the studio !! The first was a adorable baby girl and her PINK puppy !!! Since I love all things pink .... I got a kick out of the Pink Puppy !!! and the baby ( who has a 2 year old birthday coming up ! ) was just toooooooooooo CUTE and LOVED posing !

More of the Pink Malti Poo !

Then we had the 2 cutest little Poms ! The one on the right LOVED his "burger" ! I like getting shots with "Favorite Toys" that the parents bring in . For many dogs , they have a favorite toy or blanket ,that is always with them . Years from now , mom will look back at these pictures and remember all of those cute memories with " Burger" !

And last , but not least .... is my assistant, Nancy's yorkie crew ! They were bad lil devils for their pictures ..... but we managed to squeeze this one very cute picture out of them ! We were VERY happy to get this shot !!


  1. Roxanne,
    Thank you so much for photographing my Poms (above) Peppa and Yaya. I think this picture really captured their personalities and Yaya does LOVE his "burga"! :)

  2. Rox,
    Just when I think I have my favorite photo of all the ones you have taken, you top it and I have a new favorite one. These are really wonderful! Nancy's crew is really adorable and looks like they were perfect little angels while taking their pictures. LOL The Poms are also cuties and I love the way Yaya is hanging on to his "burga". The photos of the pink pup, the pink boa and the little girl in the pink tutu are simply adorable and the pink pup wrapped in the pink boa is just precious. Great job!!

  3. Roxanne,
    Sorry that my Peppa was such a well... pepper! lol :)